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(May 2016)


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Page 2 Even central banks want to strengthen TU bargaining; Bargaining round-up

Page 3 As French government says ‘Non’ & German judges call it illegal is TTIP fatally wounded? European Parliament agrees: China not market economy.

Page 4 Labour law tinkering sparks protests in France; Emigration reason for dole drop in Portugal.

Page 5 Commission must try harder on social rights and posted workers say unions.

Page 6 Six ECJ cases that changed the law; Recent rulings from the European Courts

Page 7 Health & Safety: Unions still under the dryer as EU develops hair allergy; EU stats show chemicals in toys top dangerous product list; Tobacco deadline: nasty pictures will finally appear on fag packets.

Page 8 Sites of Interest: Anti geo-blocking Commissioner shows YouTube video; Power & buzz? Big data analyses trade union HQs; New web site aims to help works councils.

Page 9 Stats & Facts: U.S.A. still top E.U. trade partner as Chinese imports continue to rise; Slovenia leads recycling league.


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