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(November 2012)


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Page 2 Pay rises way behind inflation so workers take a cut in most of European Union.Bargaining round-up

Page 3 International help for Turkish unions as they battle courts, employers and government; EU youth report sees signs of hope as jobless multiply

Page 4 Ageing teachers set problem for EU; Eastern Europeans postpone euro accession but Baltics are still big fans

Page 5 100,000 on streets in Portugal force government U-turn on cuts

Page 6 France Télécom taken to court over wave of suicides.Recent rulings from the European Courts: Sick and annual leave: the third circumstance; Compulsory Swedish retirement age is lawful.

Page 7 Health & Safety: Danish ‘fat tax’ to be abolished after job losses; New survey shows UK at top of work depression league; New union federation wants members to be  ‘chemicals ambassadors’

Page 8 Sites of Interest: Google in trouble again over privacy policy; iPad app  takes EU-OSHA campaign to new audience; German web app will offer instant ‘poison answer’; Facebook ‘unfriend’ is new protest for Hungary PM

Page 9 Stats & Facts: Gender pay gap reduces slightly in the EU; Depression continues in EU, deepens in Greece, Italy, Portugal


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