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(July 2012)


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Page 2Growth finally on EU agenda but ‘old and tired recipes’ still dominate, say unions. : Compromise on energy law ‘waters down’ directive.Bargaining round-up

Page 3 SAAB reborn as electric phoenix rises from bankruptcy ashes; Nokia moves on again as Opel closure worries old home town.

Page 4Czech unions keep up pressure on government after massive protest turn-out; 10-year wait for work injury law is long enough say unions.

Page 5Social partners not impressed as Monti rides to the rescue of posted workers (again).

Page 6 Unions lose again on Posted Worker directive in EFTA court opinion. Recent rulings from the European Courts Ryanair in trouble again (this time over care and compensation); Belgian strike law breaks social charter.

Page 7 Health & Safety: Landfill still king so EU states likely to miss waste directive targets; REACH names products containing toxics as evaluation begins; Estonian capital first in Europe for free transport.

Page 8 Sites of Interest: New web site promotes toxic chemical substitution; UK and Denmark lead in telehealth as report stresses rôle of government.

Page 9 Stats & Facts: German population increases as immigration jumps; Greece and Spain top jobless league as ILO warns of unrest.


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