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Construction trends show wide variation

Over the summer output in the construction sector showed wide variations both between months and among EU Member States. Over the whole Union June saw a rise of 2.6% in activity in building and civil engineering but July recorded a fall back of 2.5%. Compared to July 2009 output was 2.3% lower. Opposite trends were present in different countries however as the UK weighed in with a 13.1% annual increase while Spain, where the financial crisis has hit this important sector of its economy, saw a 36.5% fall.

EU construction chart

Gender pay gap in Denmark remains wide
 A survey backed by trade unions in Denmark has shown that, even in a Nordic society supposedly more equal than most of the EU, women are still paid considerably less than men on average. Following the longest-ever public sector strike in 2008 the unions had highlighted the ‘gender segregation’ of the Danish labour market. Public and private sectors show similar pay gaps but the report says that nearly all the discrepancy in government jobs can be explained by objective factors such as educational level, work experience, employment sector, family status and geography whereas about half the gap in private industry cannot be.

DenmarkGenderPayGapDifference in hourly earnings between
men and women in Denmark. 2007

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