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New books from ETUI


Two new publications from the European Trade Union Institute, which covers research, education and health and safety for the European Trade Union Confederation, have caught the eye of the European Review this quarter. In After the Crisis: towards a sustainable growth model editors Andrew Watt and Andreas Botsch bring together 39 authors from Europe and the USA to answer the question ‘Where do we go from here?’. Based on the pre-supposition that the economic crisis has opened up a space for progressive reform the book recommends that rather than ‘merely tinkering with problematic elements of the financial sector’, there is a  ‘need for a broad-based reform agenda’ to prevent ‘a return to neo-liberal ‘business as usual’. Contributions are divided into four sections which cover financial market re-regulation, labour market and social policy, macroeconomic policy reform and ecologically sustainable growth.
Meanwhile over at the health and safety division, author Tony Musu considers the still-evolving REACH regulations on chemicals in REACH: an opportunity for trade unions. Putting knowledge to work in the workplace. While the European trade union movement was generally in favour of REACH, the booklet warns that ‘Trade unions would be mistaken to ease up on their efforts in the belief that REACH implementation will now be plain sailing’. Real progress will only be made when ‘union representatives take ownership of the law’. Therefore the publication aims to inform and empower reps. by explaining the main points of the law, setting out employer’s obligations, detailing how REACH fits in with other worker protection legislation and adds a fourth section with practical tips on how to use it for union action in workplaces.
 After the Crisis: towards a sustainable growth model, ISBN 978-2-87452-170-6, price €20, is available at
REACH: an opportunity for trade unions. Putting knowledge to work in the workplace, ISBN 978-287452176-8, price €10, is available at  

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