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Below are links to each page of the European Review that covers Health and Safety subjects. Please click on the ones in which you are interested.

Issue 76 (1) : EU unions want to exploit breakthrough on new directive to eliminate occupational cancer; Fairness at work makes you healthy; EU may ban Roundup chemical Issue 76 (2): New car emissions tests to start next year as EU resists company lobbying
Issue 75 : Unions still under the dryer as EU develops hair allergy; EU stats show chemicals in toys top dangerous product list; Tobacco deadline: all fag packets to get nasty pictures Issue 74 (1): Unions hope the Dutch can re-ignite health and safety policy in the EU
Issue 74 (2): Bisphenol A goes to head of EU toxics queue; Battle over implementation as new SVHCs considered; New study aims to evaluate nano risk as register flops Issue 73 (1): Test the toxic 0.1%.
Issue 73 (2): Two-year focus on workplace stress ends in European Week and summit; Report reveals serious safety flaws on Irish railways; Video supports need for chemical substitution. Issue 73 (3): OiRA safety tool extended to live performance sector.
Issue 72 (1): France urges speed on Commission as EU publishes opinions on hormone disrupters; Euro-committees warn of asbestos ‘time-bomb’; Art and safety united in new book. Issue 72 (2): New H & S apps follow Swedish noise success.
Issue 71: Workers Memorial Day commemorates victims of health and safety lapses across EU; Occupational accident figures skyrocket in Turkey; Women’s health at risk from workplace sexism. Issue 70: New EU health and safety programme will do nothing at best say unions; Deaths at work increase in Ireland; Ground-breaking worldwide deal on health & safety at Orange.
Issue 69 (1): European Week highlights growing problem of stress at work; Official report blasts Turkish disaster mine management; Building workers face brick dust cancer risk. Issue 69 (2): ePIC makes it easier to track hazardous chemicals.
Issue 68 : Focus on carbon tubes as health & safety agencies warn on nanos; ETUC: business experts blocking EU green laws; New law could ban ‘always-on’ work culture in Germany. Issue 67 : Yet another mine disaster in Turkey as Prime Minister takes the heat; ECHA ban leads to safer chemicals in Italian glass industry; Swedes to take EU to court over EDC ban.
Issue 66 (1): Greece & Ireland referred to ECJ for doctors’ excessive hours. Issue 66 (2): Greece: public health declines due to austerity; Hungary starts them young with chemical safety; NGOs smell a chemical rat in EU-US talks.
Issue 65 : Italian textile factory fire highlights problem of illegal Chinese companies; Insecticide steps up to the oche as first biocide candidate; New Turkish smoking bans as habit declines. Issue 64 : European Parliament ‘backroom deal’ reverses vote, defies union; Biocides face stiffer regulation as first deadline is passed; Belgium: Scientists’ war breaks out as EU plans leaked.
Issue 63 : 8-year delay over as EMF directive compromise agreed; EU consultation delays new health and safety strategy; Belgium: ETUI gender bias report confirmed. Issue 62 : Giant Italian steel plant stays open despite pollution, accidents;Volkswagen unions ban BlackBerry burn-out; Russia restricts smoking in public.
Issue 61 : EU ‘No change on nanos’ not good enough say unions; New commissioner’s ‘shock tactics’ proposal for cigarette packs; Unions: new rules will only make pilot fatigue worse. Issue 60 (1): France Télécom taken to court over wave of suicides
Issue 60 (2): Danish ‘fat tax’ to be abolished after job losses; New survey shows UK at top of work depression league; New union federation wants members to be  ‘chemicals ambassadors’. Issue 59: Landfill still king so EU states likely to miss waste directive targets; REACH names products containing toxics as evaluation begins; Estonian capital first in Europe for free transport.
Issue 58 : Unions question safety of larger vessels as they take care of shipwrecked liner’s crew members; French court finds Monsanto guilty of poisoning farmer; ‘Historic’ verdict sends asbestos bosses to jail for sixteen years. Issue 57 : Unions: new electro-magnetic field directive ‘not up to scratch’; Danish airport workers take Green workplace initiative; Most EU countries to miss Batteries Directive targets
Issue 56 : Social partners get progress report on their ‘sharps’ directive; German ‘siesta’ catches on; Swedish study urges paid exercise in work time Issue 55 : Health problems multiply at World leader in wind turbine manufacture; French study confirms TUC work asthma figure;‘Pack Less’ campaign aims to reduce injury
Issue 54 : Dutch metalworkers turn to web for safety tips; First six chemicals make it on to REACH hit list; ‘Harmful’ night work on the rise in France Issue 53 : European survey: big concern of managers is stress; Turkish mariners found in ‘appalling conditions’ on Merseyside ship; Hair & Beauty partners improve EU law
Issue 52 : Union reps. urged to REACH out for chemical safety; Turkish workers denied compensation after ban on sandblasting jeans; Maintenance theme for Euro H& S week Issue 51 : Nano inventory needed as Danes warn of ‘new asbestos’; Tough new Irish safety policy reaps rewards; Italian managers go to jail after asbestos deaths; Turkish expert says unions could stop mine disasters
Issue 50 : More stress agreements in France as Télécom suicides go on; Another mine disaster in Turkey prompts further union criticism; Maintenance focus for 2nd 2-year safety campaign Issue 49 : World’s biggest workplace safety campaign ends in summit; Mine disaster adds to poor Turkish safety record; ETUC safety body opens up mag to non-specialists
Issue 48 : Orange backs down on restructuring after spate of suicides; Single vote reverses driver hours win; EU to review nano laws as cases multiply Issue 47 (1) : Bolivian baker;s mutilation in Spain highlights plight of migrant workers; French survey adds unemployment to stress as suicide risk; Swedish robot lands firm in court; Union victory on drivers; hours
Issue 47 (2) : 2 views of chemicals agency as danger list drawn up: ‘Excellent job!’ or ‘shaky start’ Issue 46 : Russian study shows privatisation fatal, union membership life-saving; Holes in nano-laws filled in Canada; Chemical factory blast firm on trial
Issue 45  (1) : Nanos spark more concern in France, Netherlands, UKChinese toys and food on EU safety agenda; Reps are the key to H & S says Euro-expert Issue 45  (2) : European Chemicals Agency puts REACH into action
Issue 44 : France stress deal based on EU agreement; Labour minister calls for Turkish shipyard closure as more workers die; Repro-toxins left out of new directive. Issue 43 : H & S strike, law in Italy after more disasters; Nanotechnology can create jobs but precautions needed ; New EU safety law REACHes out to USA; Explosion rocks Ukraine mine again; Car ads to follow cigarette warnings; First 2-year campaign is on risk assessment.
Issue 42 : EP wants new carcinogen law, ignores nanos; GMB gives EU insight into UK van crime; French suicide spate prompts stress probe. Issue 41  (1): Strikes follow accidents after Italian safety lapses.
Issue 41  (2): Electromagnetic radiation directive delayed; Ukraine mine disasters cast doubt on health and safety; EU encouraged by Chinese safety drive. Issue 40 : Spain to clamp down on workplace accidents; Chinese toy import recall prompts EU product safety review; UK union praises Irish H & S stats.
Issue 39 : Good figures may hide bathing water pollution says EU; Muscle pains to be safety week focus; Swedish ‘roving reps’ show their health & safety value; French court finds feed firm guilty Issue 38 : New EU H & S strategy unveiled to muted applause; Temporary work is bad for you, says German study; Benchmark book pleads for rising standards.
Issue 37 : REACH is passed, chemicals law starts in June; Sweden shuts H & S research institute with much still to do; Mousework linked to hand-arm symptoms. Issue 36 : Smoke-free bars improve health immediately; French courts hearing asbestos cases as relatives lead protest; Twenty-two hair dyes banned by EU.
Issue 35 : Hydrogen buses hit London streets; Breakthrough Euro-agreement on silica; Irish H & S figures worsen under US-style programme. Issue 34 (2) : New H & S publication clears a way through EU policy jungle

Issue 34  (1): EU toughens up law on drivers’ hours; Ryanair at it again – this time on camera; Good Practice awards : 7th year.

Issue 33 : EU to promote 'clean' vehicles by procurement; Year long campaign planned on young workers' health & safety; ETUC publication backs REACH.

Issue 32 : 'Stop that noise' to be aim of Euro-week; Sunlight excluded from directive after tabloid frenzy; Baby ring ban to be permanent.

Issue 31 : 'Bull bars' to be tackled by EU safety law; Irish safety regime beefed up as cases multiply; 'Stop that noise' to be safety week slogan.

Issue 30 : Irish safety U-turn warning for UK; Victory for Spanish unions means reform in construction; New publication sets out policy concerns.

Issue 29 : Smoking ban spreads as EU considers tougher pics; UK slips down safety league; Radiation to be tackled in new EU directive.

Issue 28 : Construction in the spotlight for EU health & safety week; Dutch strife leads to EU safety conference boycott.

Issue 27 : Euro-union takes on stress; UK blocks cabin crew directive; Smoking bans success heralds more to come.

Issue 26 : Is gender the missing factor in health and safety ? EU gets serious about green technology.

Issue 25 : EU passes stronger laws on oil tankers after two disasters; Smoking bans face setbacks.

Issue 24 : EU passes ozone protection directive as UK flouts environment laws; Fatal explosion must be the last at Spanish oil refinery, say unions.

Issue 23 : Inspectors plan euro crackdown on construction site safety; USDAW takes violence campaign to Europe; Recycling: your views wanted.

Issue 22 : No deal on new EU chemicals laws; Finland wants to grind down H & S problems; UK workplace smoking ban comes nearer as Ireland leads way.

Issue 21 (2) : New H & S policy must change says Euro-Parliament.

Issue 21 (1) : Recycling : UK taken to task on cars as new directive agreed.

Issue 20 : Fridge pile-up as UK caught out by EU CFC law; Athens Olympic Village is death trap say unions; Unions campaign for air crew law.

Issue 19 (3) : Machine safety in Europe: Unions get stuck in.

Issue 19 (2) : Recycling: electrical waste gets the EU treatment; UK scare stories squashed as EU moves to cut noise pollution.

Issue 19 (1) : EU lays out 4-year plan for Health & Safety but unions say it's short on action.

Issue 18 (3) : New Health & Safety site links OSHA & ILO

Issue 18 (2) : Warsaw conference heralds new EU anti-smoking push; French chemical factory blast prompts new laws; EU Committee votes for stricter asbestos limits.

Issue 18 (1) : TUC hails EU decision on Health & Safety fines across borders.

Issue 17 : UK beaches improve, cities still pollute; Czech-Austria nuclear plant agreement pleases EU; New publications from TUTB.

Issue 16 : Work equipment directive hits the heights; TUTB survey to highlight H & S gender issues; Greece toes the line on waste dump.

Issue 15 : EU Council agrees noise directive; EU steps up war on tobacco after defeat in battle; Health and safety updates.

Issue 14 (2) : Working conditions in Europe not improving.

Issue 14 (1) : OSHA finds new approach to Health & Safety in Marketing and Procurement; EU Commissioners express food safety fears and point the way forward; Your chance to speak on sustainable development.

Issue 13 : Burnt and defoliated forests continue to decline; Greek ferry disaster spurs new shipping controls; Work health problems worsening say Euro-Unionists.

Issue 12 : EU may fund Chernobyl replacement reactors; Accidents at work fall in EU; Road deaths down.

Issue 11 : EU & UK suffer court setback on smoking laws; UK beaches improve in EU Bathing Water Report; Conciliation agreement on old car disposal; Baby toy ban strengthened.

Issue 10 : Major campaign on back and limb work injuries; European Parliament rejects 'half and half' approach to old car disposal and seeks to clean up new ones.

Issue 9 (2): Health and Safety - a mouse click away.

Issue 9 (1): Tobacco: EU proposes new laws as UK delays old ones; Emergency ban for some baby's dummies and teething rings; European Parliament votes on Kyoto.

Issue 8 : Goodbye Asbestos (it's on its way out !); EU chases pregnancy directive breaches; Landfill waste directive gets go-ahead.

Issue 7 : Pregnancy directive: Implementation is patchy; Commission adopts stricter guidelines on baby foods; H & S publications from ETUC.

Issue 6 : Lack of Health & Safety costs EU up to 270 billion Euros per year; European Parliament debates H & S issues; EU updates carcinogens directive.

Issue 5 : EU Commission proposes directive on 'mobile' working time; CFCs to be phased out in asthma inhalers; EU backs asbestos ban.

Issue 4 : Pact signed on chemicals; How's your motor?; Green taxes; NatWest wins award; Waste laws ignored.

Issue 3 : Ban on the way for deadly white dust; New H & S directives at a glance; In Brief: Work can be a killer.

Issue 2 (2) : Excluded workers may get rest periods; Road safety (1); Denmark stays in Europe; Road safety (2).

Issue 2 (1) : Asbestos lobbyists angered by u-turn on ban; What is a hazard depends on where you work; It depends where you live, no. 2; Petrolheads.

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