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Below are links to each page of the European Review that covers new European Union directives and social partner agreements. Please click on the ones in which you are interested.

Issue 76: EU unions want to exploit breakthrough on new directive to eliminate occupational cancer
Issue 75: Tobacco deadline: all fag packets to get nasty pictures Issue 74 (1): Civil Service partners re-ignite EU social dialogue
Issue 74 (2): Tax loopholes narrowing as EU pursues multi-nationals, proposes new anti-avoidance package Issue 74 (3): New EU law: tech firms must report hacks
Issue 73: Third front opened against tax dodgers by EU Council Issue 72: 7 years of EU talks fail to give birth to new Maternity law
Issue 71: New EU rules to protect Internet travel shopper Issue 70: Copyright to be next barricade in digital revolution
Issue 69: EU data law inches forward after ECJ ruling Issue 67 (1): Banks reform passed but watered-down ‘Robin Hood tax’ to wait until 2016
Issue 67 (2): Posted Workers enforcement measure could make things worse say unions Issue 66: New public procurement directive aims to stop ‘cheapest is best’ syndrome
Issue 64: Blind web users pin hopes on Greeks Issue 63: 8-year delay over as EMF directive compromise agreed
Issue 62: App developers fear new data protection law Issue 61: Best practice public procurement a step closer
Issue 59 (1): Compromise on energy law ‘waters down’ directive Issue 59 (2): Social partners not impressed as Monti rides to the rescue of posted workers (again)
Issue 58: WEEE directive beefed up as EU attacks e-waste Issue 57: Stress agreement: involve unions for best results
Issue 56: Three new directives seek to equalise conditions for migrant workers Issue 55: UK asbestos law must be changed says European Commission
Issue 54: Working Time Directive: unions, disappointed with Commission proposals, want to negotiate Issue 53 (1): Unions/employers build on violence at work deal with training and information campaign
Issue 53 (2): Hair & Beauty partners improve EU law Issue 52 : Unions partly satisfied as Euro-parliament votes to extend paid maternity leave
Issue 51 : Self-employed drivers’ work time: union victory again near Issue 50 (1) : Working time: new talks on directive revision
Issue 50 (2): Posted Workers directive: ETUC spells out demands as EU Presidency moves to action Issue 48 : Council of Ministers sign new parental leave directive, disability convention
Issue 47 : UK government kills off working time reform after five years of talking. Issue 46 : ETUC wants posted workers directive revised.
Issue 45  (1): European Chemicals Agency puts REACH into action. Issue 45 (2) : Deal on Works Councils means hope for new EU law.
Issue 44 : Full speed ahead for ILO maritime convention as social partners sign EU deal. Issue 43 (1) : Temps and working time: EU cuts Gordian knot at last thanks to TUC.
Issue 43 (2) : Commission expands anti-discrimination directive pleasing unions and campaign groups. Issue 43 (3) : Revised Works Council directive published; Unions want to rescue Posted Workers directive from courts.
Issue 42 : German pressure limits EU discrimination directive. Issue 41 : Unions welcome Commission ‘yes’ to Works Council. reform
Issue 40 : Portugal to crack the tough nuts as EU President;
EU Commission exposes anti-discrimination law loopholes, plans to go further.
Issue 39 : Work harassment is third success for EU social partners.

Issue 38 : Petition to back up call for new Services directive.

Issue 37 : REACH is passed, chemicals law starts in June.

Issue 36 (1) : REACH – new victory for unions as law enters final furlong.

Issue 36 (2) : Working time directive: UK blocks Finnish compromise.

Issue 35 : Services directive: unions want to nail down exemptions.

Issue 34 : Services directive passes Parliament test but in watered down version.

Issue 33 (1) : Commission to tighten up shipping in third directive.

Issue 33 (2) : REACH reaches the final stage: chemicals crackdown to start in 2008.

Issue 32 : Massive chemicals directive REACHes for parliamentary approval

Issue 31 : Working time directive: can it be rescued from the 'long grass' ?

Issue 30 : Some movement on services directive not enough for unions.

Issue 29 : Employers, unions sign EU stress deal.

Issue 28 : Call centre charter tries to tame the cowboys.

Issue 27 : Bolkestein stirs up unions with new directive.

Issue 26 : EU boost for professionals' job mobility.

Issue 25 : EU ready to start chemicals crackdown: unions give qualified support.

Issue 24 : 'Ground-breaking' agreement signed to clean up private security industry.

Issue 23 : Agency workers directive 'scuppered' by government and business interests.

Issue 22 : Commission has another try at takeovers directive.

Issue 21 (2) : TUC sees new directive as great opportunity but mind those pitfalls.

Issue 21 (1) : Possible directive on workers' data protection.

Issue 20 (2) : UK Discrimination Law must change as new EU directives arrive.

Issue 20 (1) : European unions and employers take law into their own hands on telework.

Issue 19 : Leak turns to fact : EU directive on temps to hit the statute books.

Issue 18 (2) : Agency work directive leak draws predictable reactions.

Issue 18 (1) : Road transport included in working time regulations.

Issue 16 : Work equipment directive hits the heights.

Issue 15 (2) : EU Council agrees noise directive.

Issue 15 (1) : New Equal Treatment directive to outlaw sexual harassment.

Issue 14 : Vauxhall shut-down highlights need for EU information directive.

Issue 13 : EU wants Europe-wide pensions as numbers increase.

Issue 12 (2) : New takeover directive in the pipeline

Issue 12 (1) : Discrimination: EU passes law on race and plans job charter.

Issue 11 (2) : Doctors, pilots, offshore and railway workers to get working time protection in new EU directive.

Issue 11 (1) : EU part-timers' law reaches UK but doubts remain.

Issue 9 : Parental Leave directive finally comes to Britain.

Issue 7 : Social Partners agree fixed term contract rules.

Issue 5 : (2) : EU Commission proposes directive on 'mobile' working time.

Issue 4 : Workers rights in large redundancies strengthened.

Issue 3 : New rules on breaks; Working Time Regulations: Exceptions; Unions see signs of breakthrough in consultation law.

Issue 2 : Directive on fixed term contract and temporary employees; European works council directive; Burden of proof; The Working Time Directive; The maritime accord; The posting directive; Part-time work; European Company Statute; Directive on consultation; Vreding directive; Parental leave and leave for family reasons; Employment relations and competition; Burden of proof in equal pay & equal treatment.

Issue 1 : Working time directive; Information, consultation, participation of workers; Posted Workers Directive; Collective Redundancies and Transfers of Undertakings; Health & safety legislation; Non-discrimination; European Works Councils Directive; Parental Leave Directive; Burden of Proof; Part-time Work; Pension rights; Choose your hours if you can!

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