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Below are links to each page of the European Review that covers cases in the European Courts. Please click on the ones in which you are interested.

Issue 76 : Work head-scarf ban can be justified; Irish au-pairs rescued from ‘shadow economy’; German minimum wage loophole must close. Issue 75 : Six ECJ cases that changed the law; Irish au-pairs rescued from ‘shadow economy’; Internet cafés off the hook on copyright.
Issue 74 : Once again: ‘work emails are not private’; ‘Constructive redundancies’ do exist. Issue 73 : Stormy waters enter ‘safe harbour’ after judgement; Travel time is work time; Test the toxic 0.1%.
Issue 72 : Ryanair v unions moves to Denmark; Wizz Air found guilty of discrimination in Romania; Finnish case throws light on bogus union. Issue 71 : First crack in ‘Laval’ wall gives unions hope; Finnish unions win victory on temporary agency workers; Fixed-term probation does not imply fixed term job.
Issue 70 :French soldiers can join union; Holiday pay must include commission. Issue 69 :Italian asbestos verdict annulled  on final appeal; Austerity in Slovenia can’t stop pay rise; Payment by age justified in certain circumstances.
Issue 68 :Death does not put an end to annual leave; ‘Morbid obesity’ can be disability. Issue 67 :Swiss ‘Catch-22’ compensation law likely to  be changed by asbestos ruling; Strike from 2010 could lead to prison sentence says Spanish court.
Issue 66 :Irish government must protect workers’ pensions in bankrupt schemes; Self-employed women can lose right to share maternity leave. Issue 65 :Danish workers cannot be ‘retired’ to avoid availability pay; EU staff lose their pay rise.
Issue 64 :Dutch-only contracts infringe freedom of movement; UK TUPE decision reversed by full court. Issue 63 :Agency temps not covered by permanent conversion rule; Danish ‘sack the sick’ law discriminates against disabled people.
Issue 62 :TUPE can preserve future pay rises; Zero-hours means zero-holidays. Issue 61 :Turkish court backs sacked airline protesters; Spanish part-time pensions law discriminatory.
Issue 60 :Sick and annual leave: the third circumstance; Compulsory Swedish retirement age is lawful. Issue 59 : Ryanair in trouble again (this time over care and compensation); Belgian strike law breaks social charter.
Issue 58 : No limit on successive fixed term contracts if employer can justify them; Annual leave accrual when on sick leave must be limited. Issue 57 : German pilots can stay on after 60; UK pilots win partial victory in holiday pay row.
Issue 56 : Whistleblowers should not be sacked even if their court action fails; Greek temps gain the right to be made permanent. Issue 55 : German pensions: civil partnership equals marriage; ThyssenKrupp in UK court after unprecedented jail term for Italian boss.
Issue 54 : Insurance quotes cannot take gender into account; Place of work more important than company HQ. Issue 53 : German compulsory retirement gets green light again; UK consultation case to go to ECJ.
Issue 52 : Anti-union judgements continue; Turkish case must lead to journalist protection. Issue 51 : EasyJet fined by French court; ‘Ossi’ slur does not count as discrimination; Austrian employer wrong on three counts.
Issue 50 : BA holiday pay case referred to ECJ; Age and employment in Germany again. Issue 49 : German dentists must retire at 68, new firefighters be under 30.
Issue 48 : Reclaim leave if you’re sick on holiday; Chemical companies lose on monomers. Issue 47 : Retirement age: yes to UK, no to Greece; Turkish union wins right to strike
Issue 46 : Annual leave can accrue when you’re sick; Chemicals firms to attack REACH in court. Issue 45 : Home base still counts for law of land; EU to get tough on German ‘Volkswagen law’.
Issue 44 Discrimination by word equals discrimination by deed; Coleman final decision in favour of carers. Issue 43 ECJ turns Posted Workers Directive on its head; Survivor’s benefit must be paid to same-sex partners.
Issue 42ECJ gives support to UK mother of disabled son; Victory for Irish union on fixed-term workers; Public procurement cannot equalise wages. Issue 41 : Spanish retirement case loss could mean UK win; ‘Volkswagen law’ crashes at ECJ; Now ECHR to rule on French Ryanair case.
Issue 40 ‘Reasonably practicable’ still legal; Sympathy strikes allowed in Germany; ECJ to rule on French Ryanair case. Issue 39 ‘Vaxholm’ case opinion backs unions; ‘Viking’ opinion also favourable; Irish age discrimination case: lessons for UK?
Issue 38 : ASLEF win expulsion right; Young people must count for consultation; UK pension protection not good enough. Issue 37 : Seniority not always its own justification; Vaxholm/Laval case to be heard.
Issue 36 : UK in the wrong on working time regs.; The meaning of disability. Issue 35 : Leave cannot be sold; TUPE time again.

Issue 34 Closed shops to be abolished in Denmark; Re-flagged ship employer’s injunction quashed.

Issue 33 : Holiday pay: roll-ups allowed but take that leave; Fixed-term contracts can't be based on age.

Issue 32 : Maternity leave must count for seniority; Directives can apply before national law passed.

Issue 31 : Opt-out must be individual decision; Employers must consult on redundancies before making the decision.

Issue 30 : Find a good reason for discrimination; Working time breaks include railway workers.

Issue 29 : EWC disclosure must be to 'experts' only; Casual workers may have less rights.

Issue 28 : Part time overtime must be fair; Extra-EU firms must have works councils

Issue 27 : Maternity leave: 1) Must include pay rise; 2) Cannot replace holiday

Issue 26 : Allonby judgement confirms pension victory; Transsexuals gain right to survivor's pension.

Issue 25 : On-call duty decision may affect working time review; and before the Commission UK union scores victory.

Issue 24 : Equal access to part-time working unaffected by pensions rights; One-person operation still protected by TUPE.

Issue 23 : Pregnant staff can keep it to themselves; 'Single source' problem again blocks equal pay; Spanish court says parents can reduce hours.

Issue 22 : Equal treatment cases continue.

Issue 21 : Equal pay denied to contracted out workers; Pension tax relief goes EU-wide; + Spanish psychological harassment: + Tips count towards minimum wage...

Issue 20 : European Court of Human Rights: Landmark decision on discrimination backs UK unions' campaign.

Issue 19 : Monthly supplements included in equal pay; TUPE still applies to chain of contractors.

Issue 18 : Minimum Wage must apply to foreign companies; Transport clerical workers miss the bus on Working Time Directive.

Issue 17 : Foreign contract workers protected in UK law....and temporary workers also protected if pregnant.

Issue 16 : Belgium in the dock over H & S committees; How to get equal pay for equal value; Overtime: what employers must tell workers.

Issue 15 : TUPE: the ECJ makes it clear as mud; Stop Press: BECTU gets decision.

Issue 14 : Lorry and coach drivers must count get-to-work time; TUPE not affected by public sector concession; BECTU wins initial ruling on temp holidays.

Issue 13 : Working time for doctors, Equality in retirement payments; Positive discrimination.

Issue 12 : First-ever daily fine in Greek pollution case; Positive discrimination only allowed where candidates are equal.

Issue 11 : Part-time pensions may be back dated even further; Equal pay calculations must compare like with like.

Issue 10 : TUPE rules must apply within groups; Pregnancy no bar to jobs; Severance pay reduced for child carers.

Issue 9 : Parental leave can hit bonus..but being part time cannot..and nor can maternity leave; Even chefs must be male in Royal Marines...but not so German soldiers.

Issue 8 : EU gets tough on competition and social infringements.

Issue 7 : BECTU take challenge on working time case to Europe; Different training justifies lower pay.

Issue 6 : 2-year time limit unlawful in some equal pay cases;Seymour-Smith case passed back to U.K.

Issue 5 : Discrimination in 2 year rule; Equality includes references; Late claims allowed.

Issue 4 : Recent rulings from the European Court of Justice.

Issue 3 : Court rules for job-sharers in civil service case.

Issue 1 (2) : Lack of protection unfair to women; Counting hours towards promotion; Insolvency ruling; Justifying inequality; Same perks for partners of any sex..

Issue 1 (1) : Complaint led to change of law.

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